365 Day Recap

It is New Years day here in Qatar and I am not at work. Hallelujah!  -My New Year’s Eve was kind of boring (no fireworks here, and stayed home instead of partying) but after the amazing year I’ve had, I’ll take it!  If you came to my blog expecting this…

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 1.16.58 PM

Sorry to disappoint you.  Sure, there are things I plan on doing more and even some I plan to do less but believe me I’ve set and broken enough resolutions in my life.  I like to set goals whenever I feel like it, not just at the start of a new year.  But that is me, so if you have set New Year resolutions for yourself, I sincerely wish you success.

When a new year starts, I like to reflect.  I like to reflect on the things I did in the last 365 days.  It is a way for me to stay humble, grateful and thankful.  So here is my 365 day recap…

I started 2017 in bed because I had to work the next day for the first time, that stunk but that was no indication of how my year would be, in fact quite the opposite.

I visited 7 countries, 6 of them for the first time, 1 of them from my original bucket list (now called my Places to Visit List).  

My husband moved to Qatar with me and I moved from my big villa to a nice apartment.

Us at Banana Island

I had some of the most amazing food ever and even tried really hard to be a vegan when I wasn’t eating seafood. 

Really what would this post be without some food pics!

I found fun ways to enjoy my time and took in some sights around Doha.

I flew first class for the first time, twice.

I watched my girlfriend marry her sweet heart in Vegas and we had a blast.


I ended this year with several interviews and a headline on Al Jazeera, focusing on my superpower- alopecia!  Something tells me this is just the beginning…

This video doesn’t exist

I’ve made new friends and lost some people along the way.  Everybody I knew last year, is still alive and that is a blessing in itself.  This is only a portion of my last 365 days. 

The next 365 will be even better!  I LOVE MY LIFE!  I am on a journey and the path looks amazing! 

What were some of your highlights from 2017?

Author: phillygirl77

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia. Daughter of a teacher, I later became one myself. When I heard about teaching overseas, I jumped feet first. Finally told yes, my two boys and I prepared for our new life abroad. Join us on our journey in Qatar!

8 thoughts on “365 Day Recap”

  1. Thank You, for sharing this journey. The universe is awesome, I found your blog “accidentally”, or so I thought, just when I needed it most. Thank you so very much, for being brave enough and loving yourself enough to stand in truth. I heard you in my soul, when you said not to let anyone steal my, not even my children. You are a sister in my soul, thank you.


  2. WOW!!!! I’m so glad i got to be apart of some of those hi lites..I spent my birthday in Qatar with my nephews. I went skiing with my BE group in the poconos. Took in San Diego and surrounding cities while staying in a beautiful big house with my BE friends. Even got to see the Plaza del Toros las Ventas in Madrid.. the movie Ferdinand doesn’t do it justice. And yes futubol is definitely a hi lite in Madrid and the Wine is delicious. I now work to make 2018 a much better year. Left my heart in Kansas, got to say goodbye to a wonderful dear friend in NY and spent New Years with my wonderful children. No New Years resolutions here either, just the necessity of making 2018 free of all negative baggage. If Qatar can make women a priority in the supermarket, why can’t all men make the woman they love the priority in their life.

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    1. Huum great question sis. Maybe, just maybe its time to make YOU your priority and not look to men to do it for you. If you don’t do it for you first, how can you expect any one else to do it. Just my thoughts. Seems like you had a pretty full year though and I like your 2018 necessity. Speak it into existence and take action! Amen. Love you


  3. Cheers to you and your journey. Thank you for sharing with all of us. This blog is delicious. Amazing how strength and mind set will make us RISE! Love the Aljazeera piece. In 2018 I will continue to practice kindness, of course be amazing, and without a doubt just BE MYSELF! ~hugs


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