Dear Inner Travel Bug

Dear Inner Travel Bug,

You must be suppressed this year.

I know, I know, it’s torture.  It is not easy on either of us, but it must be done.  You see last year I allowed you to run free and I’ll admit, IT WAS AMAZING.  But we have other things that we must do and they will have to take precedent this year.   WE MUST SAVE!  This blockade that has been forced on Qatar has left me with a sense of uncertainty.   I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and we must have some money in the bank.

This will be extremely difficult especially with a 3 week winter break coming in a few months.  I know, there are so many places just waiting for us to bless them with our presence, but we have to be stronger than our desire.  Yes, one of the reasons we came all the way over here is travel but we also came to save.  And what have we saved?


Sure we have paid off some debt, but we have a long way to go before we’re completely debt free and I don’t know how long Qatar will keep us here.  Prayerfully, the blockade will not affect our income and we can stay in Qatar for a few more years, but for now let’s just chill and prepare.

I would hate to put you in a box and lock you down, but you almost caused an argument between me and Darryl the other day.  He keeps us balanced you know.  He is good at telling us what we may not want to hear but need to hear but then he feels bad about it when you get all pouty.

We are not the young, no responsibility, single, fly off on a wimm person.  We have a child graduating high school this year and preparing for college and soon he will be asking for money beyond a plane ticket to come visit us here.  There will be dues, and fees, and prom, and retreats.  Our situation is different than others, we can’t just do whatever we want whenever we want to.

We have accomplished many goals together, weathered many storms and we can do this too!  I know a bird should not be caged but sometimes you have to do what is necessary. PERK up.  I’m sure we can find some fun around here somewhere!

New mission: Explore Doha and find some fun!


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