Waiting is one of the hardest things to do.

I guess it was about 5 months ago when I applied to teach overseas for August 2013. I had my phone interview and completed the online application. After the interview I received a list of documents to gather and authenticate in preparation for my face to face interview with ADEC (Abu Dhabi Educational Council). To be completely honest I never heard anything about Abu Dhabi until the Sex and the City movie and when I saw Abu Dhabi on teach aways website I thought why not. I always wanted to see the world. (I still fear plane rides but I cannot let that stop me from exploring.) I have lived in Philadelphia all my life and it is time to see the world. If I pass the interview with ADEC my 2 sons and I will be starting our new adventure. Zamir and Zarien are super excited. They keep asking when are we going. I hope sometime soon I can come home and say “boys start packing” and watch their faces light up. My husband Darryl will come and help us settle in, then return home. I have heard that expat husbands have a difficult time finding work there and he is not the type to sit home. We are also a blended family. He has 3 daughters from a previous marriage. So he will visit us and we will visit him on breaks. I romantisize (don’t think thats a word) about us meeting in Italy for our anniversary. My coworkers that I have spoken to about this can’t believe that I would leave without Darryl especially since we haven’t even been married two years yet. It’s a little unnerving to think about but people that really know me, know that once I get my heart set on something I usually follow thru no matter what.

So here I sit at my wooden dining room table beginning my blog about teaching overseas. My husband ask, what are you writing about? I’ve read many blogs from expats teaching in Abu Dhabi but most begin once they sign the contract. I haven’t even had the interview so I’m starting a little early to take the sting from WAITING… Because waiting is one of the hardest things to do!

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