Is it Better to be Beautiful or Confident

I’m 5’2, 40 years old, 140 lbs, brown skin, and bald. 

No, I do not think I’m beautiful,

but what I lack in physical attractiveness,

I make up for in behavioral confidence. 

I may not be your cup of tea,

but for some men and even women,

I have something that attracts them to me. 

I keep my head high, as if I’m holding up a crown,

because there is always someone waiting for you to fall on the ground.

I walk like I’m a model,

5’9, slender and tall

but I’m really 5’2, 40 years old, 140 lbs, brown skin and bald!

Kennesha Bell

Modeling will never be my career but I’ve always dreamed of doing it, so when a few weeks ago an associate posted in the BSOQ group that a designer was looking for some models for an upcoming fashion show, I said why not.  I entered my information, sent my measurements and a full body shot.  And some weeks later, I was going for my first fitting.  A day later, my second fitting.  And two days ago, I modeled in the the South African Freedom Day – Nelson Mandela Centenary Celebration at the Ritz Carlton Doha.  The Designers were South African brand Urban Zulu and Qatar-based Nigerian Designer Romeo Ekene Paul from Romeo Paul.  It was so much fun!  I walked out amongst the crowd like I had been modeling all my life, like I had hair down to my ass, like I was American’s Top Model, like I was the most beautiful creature created and the crowd loved it!  I received so many compliments afterwards and honestly if I never model again, it will be okay because how many people can say, they’re living out their dreams.


Check out some photos from the fashion show.







Here are some pictures of some of the other models:

I’d love to hear from you…What are your thoughts, is it better to be beautiful or confident?

Author: phillygirl77

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia. Daughter of a teacher, I later became one myself. When I heard about teaching overseas, I jumped feet first. Finally told yes, my two boys and I prepared for our new life abroad. Join us on our journey in Qatar!

10 thoughts on “Is it Better to be Beautiful or Confident”

  1. Catching up on your old posts. I read this when you published it but never had the chance to comment. Amazing post, inspiring words, and never doubt your beauty- you absolutely rock it.


  2. Confident without question! Beauty can be fleeting but confidence can last a lifetime. Great pictures and congrats on checking off another box on your list!

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  3. Beautiful and Confident! Beauty is within and so you can say that no matter what anyone else believes …you are beautiful! Sis you have always been beautiful to me, first as the adorable lil curly haired baby then as the smart lil girl and then as the passionate young woman with a big heart. Should you believe you are beautiful, but of course you should Sherlock. The pics were awesome, glad you had fun! they were fortunate to have you in their show.
    Are you writing your poetry again? That poem was the ish!

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    1. Hey sis it didn’t start out as a poem but then it just blossomed. I guess it’s always in me. Thank for your wonderful words always. Stay tuned there’s always more from me. Lol


  4. Well you are both beautiful and confident so I say both. Everyone carries the own beauty either it be their smile, eyes, or soul. You are an inspiration to all black, white, and bald. Love you friend great work!!!

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