When a Blogger takes a Pause

I have over 8 pending posts waiting to be completed.  I have so much to share but why haven’t I?  At a time when my blog is being recognized in multiple capacities and is helping many people in different ways, why have I paused?  I know what I want to write about and I know that if I don’t write while things are occurring or soon afterwards, some necessary details will be forgotten.  And still I haven’t published anything.  I see that some of the bloggers that I follow post consistently, despite it all, how? I used to, but why have I paused?

I’m back in Qatar and back at work, could that be it? No, because my teaching life abroad was the whole reason I started to blog in the first place.  Can it be that, my husband is with me now, in Qatar and I have no worries?  No, because my children are in America and so the worries never cease.  Is it that I have nothing to blog about?  Of course not; I have lots to blog about.

When a blogger takes a pause, they often start their return post by apologizing and making excuses.  But I won’t apologize for living life.  It’s not that I lost my desire to blog, because I love it.  Sometimes I’m just chillen and being still.  And sometimes, hours turn into days and we just need to PAUSE!

How I spent my First Summer Break After Teaching Abroad

Super anxious to return to America after a full school year of living a dream, my 17 year old son and I buckled our seat belts, got comfy and prayed for a safe flight home.  After a mild flight across the Atlantic, avoiding the long custom lines, and quickly proceeding through the global entry kiosk, we were met with a welcome home sign by my nephew and husband.  It felt good to be home, in his arms (my husband that is) and in my familiar space.

My summer break back in the states was basically broken up into 3 distinct parts: The First 3 weeks, When new Friends Become Family and My 40th birthday celebration.  Yes, you heard me right, 40th, and proud of it.

The First 3 Weeks

...was spent loving my husband, shopping, and chillen.  I visited several of my favorite American stores either in person, online or in catalogues, (Macy’s, New York inc, Venus, and Marshals) and shopped for clothes, shoes, and other things to take back to Qatar with me.  I ate at some of my favorite restaurants and bars including (All the Way Live, The Pod, Chickies and Pete’s, The Raw bar, Chucks Alibi, Bonefish Grill).  I spent some time catching up with family and friends and we drank a lot.  I also purged, cleaned and got rid of a lot of items from my house since I would be renting it out to my sister for year 2.  Medical, dental and vision appointments also took place for me and the boys.  

Strip club with friends, Sam, Luxy, Joe, April and hubby
Old coworker turned friend for life, Theresa
Welcome my new god-daughter Payton. And my son being silly in the background collecting a shopping delivery for me from the mailman

When new Friends Become Family

Darryl and I met up with my Qatar bestie, Jennifer and her boo Jermaine.   They drove up to D.C. from Florida and we drove down from Philly to D.C. to meet them.  They had never been to the capital and since we were both on the same coast we thought, road trip.  Together we visited some historical sites and grabbed some grub.  The next day we drove back home. 

A week later we boarded a plane to Las Vegas to attend their wedding.  We arrived just in time for me to attend the Bachelorette party, a party bus full of jovial people, bar hopping and plenty of spirits.  Darryl attended the Bachelor party the next day.  The wedding was on Friday and it was short and beautiful.  The reception was just the way I like them, good food, good music, fun people and good vibes.   The next day we enjoyed the Sunset hotel resort amenities like casino, restaurants and pool before packing up.

The bachelorette party attendees.
Darryl and I all dressed up for the wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Dillard
The beautiful bride and the beautiful friend

My 40th birthday celebration

I am a big birthday celebrator.  I usually like to spend the entire month of August celebrating my birthday, that is on the 8th but I only had 9 days in August to spend in America since school starts so early this year, so I didn’t have much time to do this.

My sisters Ericka and Michele kicked it off with a wine tasting at a Vineyard in New Jersey, then more drinks and snow crab legs (my second favorite food) at Chucks Alibi. We were supposed to go out dancing and some more drinking but one of us had a headache and two of us were tired so we called it a night.  This happens when two of you are over 40 and one of you is approaching 40.  I remember when I could party all day and all night but those days are few and far in between now.  It felt good chatting in the gazebo, listening to live music, man bashing, downing two bottles of wine after tasting 9 other wines, eating a block of cheddar cheese (which I don’t eat anymore, but it was nostalgic and felt good to cheat at the moment), telling them about my adventure overseas, taking pictures in the vineyard and pretending that time stood still if only for a few hours.  They get on my nerves but I love them.

Chatting in the Gazebo over wine and cheese
My sisters, Ericka and Michele

A few days later, my hubby and I hopped on a plane for a trip I desired for some time.   He was taking me to check CUBA off my list!  We flew into Miami, spent two nights there, then boarded our Norweigian cruise ship for 4 nights.  (Stay tuned for a more detailed post of all the adventures on our cruise) We spent the first night in the middle of the ocean sailing the open waters until we reached Havana.  (Stay tuned for a more detailed post on Cuba coming soon) The shipped docked there overnight.  The third night was spent on the open waters again until we reached Norweigan’s private Bahamian island Grand Stirrup Cay, one of the Berry islands.  On our last night we sailed back to Miami.  An overnight stay at Miami beach finished off our vacation as well as a seat in first class. (Stay tuned for a more detailed post of my experiences in First class) The trip was an epic gift from my husband and a great way to begin 40.

Our home for 4 days- Norwegian Sky


A day at the Beach in Miami

My son treated me to a pedicure and manicure and planned a dinner party for my actual birth day.  We went to Ocean Prime and 8 others joined us.  He planned it all by himself and I was so proud of him.  Even one of my oldest and best friends attended.  She had reached out to me before I came home and asked if we could hook up.  We met up before the Cuba trip and she apologized for past mistakes.  So her showing up for my my birthday was a big step in correcting past wrongs and moving on.  Anyway, my two sons, sister Ericka and my niece, nephew and his girlfriend attended the dinner and my friend and ex-coworker Angelic as well.  We had a great time and the food and drinks were tasty.


My oldest and dear friend Ayana- We’re not perfect but we’re here
Fabulous at 40

On August 9, I re-packed and hubby and I headed for New York for the long journey to Qatar.  I was one plus 1 person and short 2 others.  There are definitely some things I will miss about America as I enter year 2 abroad, but I was ready to return to the new place that I call home.  I missed it.  I missed my Qatar friends and my apartment.  I missed my bed and routines.  I was tired of spending money, although I enjoyed every penny of it.  I felt like I needed a detox from all the drinking I had done.  I was anxious to see what this school year holds for me.  There are so many things that I have grown to love about Qatar, but that is a post for another day!


Zengo, Used to be my Favorite Brunch Spot

**Dated 8/12/17** When I arrived back to Qatar, my friends and I all planned to go to Zengo to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate us all being back together.  Most of them had not been to Zengo before but I bragged about it so much that they agreed to try it out.  You ever brag about something so much to other people and then when they give it a try, it flops. Yeah, well that is exactly what happened.

It was a group of 10 of us, colleagues, teachers and spouses.  We went for Friday brunch on 8/11/17. Our server bought some menus, regular and vegetarian for some of us.   We ordered our first round of drinks and caught up on each others summer break.   The brunch menu consists of five courses, cold, hot, main, sides and dessert.  The food is served a la cart so you don’t have to constantly go to a buffet, which is what I prefer.   After devouring our first round of cold appetizers, approximately 40 minutes had passed before they bought over our next course.  And this is pretty much how the brunch continued.

My group of friends like to drink, so we paid the price for brunch that included alcohol. Each time someone ordered drinks, there was a long wait time.  In between each food course, there was a long wait time.  It almost seemed like the restaurant workers were purposefully taking their time with our drinks, so we could only consume a certain amount.  This did not sit well with the group.  And taking a long time to bring the food did not sit well with me.  I even spoke to our server several times to speed up the service but nothing changed.  It was the worse service I have experienced at brunch and never did I expect this from Zengo.

The brunch menu had also changed and they used to substitute seafood for this pescatarian but that wasn’t offered either.   Needless to say, my friends were not blown away by Zengo like I always am, but unfortunately I was disappointed as well.

Regardless of how our meal went, the view from the 61st floor of the Kempinski Residences & Suites in West Bay is undeniably beautiful.  I just wish our experience matched.  It was not the expected delicious welcome back to Zengo, I had expected after a summer away.