Halfway through my first school year in Qatar!!!

As for me, this is home, at least for the next few years and I have no regrets. This is my life and I plan to live it and enjoy it, for ME!

Time really does fly.  It has been 5 months since I arrived in Doha so what’s been up…

Doha Sunsets: One of the things that I love about Qatar are the sunsets and sunrises.  I hate waking up at 5:00a.m every day but driving past Al Wakrah beach and watching the sunrise some mornings helps.  Some days the sky is absolutely breath taking.

Vegan in Doha: There is an artificial island in Qatar named The Pearl.  It has a European feel to it and looks different than the other parts of Qatar.  You won’t see a bunch of construction or un-walkable pavements.  I don’t visit it much because it’s like a 40 minute drive from where I live on a good day but I can see why some people opt to live here especially families with young children.  It just feels different than the rest of the state.  I had a day to myself so I ventured to the Pearl to try out the first vegan restaurant in Doha.  It’s name is Evergreen Organics.  First of all, it’s quite nice to just park and walk around Mercato, Palazzo 1.  The restaurant has a very naturalistic feel.  It is quite expensive but healthy eating always cost more.  I had “the baddest burger” and a “be green” juice.  I am funny about textures of food and the burger did not have the firm texture of a beef burger but it was very tasty.  On the side I had sweet potato wedges.  I took home two detox juices, one for me and the other for my son and two desserts, a rasta cheesecake slice and some sort of chocolate pudding. I spent over $300 QR so I won’t be dining there weekly but once a month would be nice.

An Experience with locals: Recently one of my student’s parents invited me to their home. She was hosting a talk on Islam.  The American in me was like “no, don’t go”. If you can read in between the lines, you know why.  I have to be mindful about what I post, but what I will say is this, many things have their beginnings in curiosity.  The Expat in me was like, “go, you are here to experience”.  At the last minute, the expat in me won, with the convincing of my son and husband I went and am glad I did.  It was an interesting experience and I was able to see the home of a vey prominent family here.  I did not convert but I did learn some things about Islam.

Mall of Qatar:  The boys and I and a co-worker visited the Mall of Qatar (Qatar’s new largest mall) two weekends ago.  The Rotunda is beautiful and this mall has some American treats like the Cheesecake Factory (which you know we ate at) and Pier 1.  There are many sweet treat shops, enough to give you diabetes.   The mall is located passed Ed City and uber is the best choice for transportation to get you there, but you will wait awhile for a driver to pick you up.  The mall seems pretty good for one stop shopping as there is a lot there.  I will have to go back since I didn’t see the whole mall but it might be one of my favorites.

Boys Abroad: My youngest son misses home, alot.  In fact, so much that he has requested to go back.  I remember when I was first considering moving abroad and I was talking with another mother who had done it.  She actually advised against bringing the boys.  She said that boys have a rough time adjusting, but I knew my boys were used to change.  I mean I wasn’t expecting it to be easy on any of us but I definitely wasn’t expecting this.  I don’t truly know why he wants to go home.  Maybe it is because he is 13 and different than my oldest son.  Maybe it is because he hates school and hates IB even more.  Maybe it is because I am very strict when it comes to education and I left his gaming system in the states hoping that it would provide opportunities and a break from the distraction of it for us to bond.  It can be for numerous reasons but parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and you take it day by day.  My oldest son really likes it here but wants to finish his last year of high school in the states, an option that I gave him before we even came here. There is no relationships with girls and no prom here either, so I understand that. He has a vlog on youtube about his life here, that you can check out too (ZamirTv).  I don’t want my sons to go back to U.S. for several reasons, one because I am not going back there to live any time soon and I know that the best place for them is with me, also because it is very dangerous there for my black boys.  But, I believe that the best lessons are learned through experience, so we shall see what happens.  I will tell you, if you are considering moving abroad, please consider that you may lose some things, some friends, and even some family members on the way.  I have.

As for me, this is home, at least for the next few years and I have no regrets.  This is my life and I plan to fly and to live and enjoy it, for ME!


Author: phillygirl77

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia. Daughter of a teacher, I later became one myself. When I heard about teaching overseas, I jumped feet first. Finally told yes, my two boys and I prepared for our new life abroad. Join us on our journey in Qatar!

5 thoughts on “Halfway through my first school year in Qatar!!!”

  1. You moved to Qatar around the same time that I moved to Kuwait and it’s been super interesting following your blog and seeing how our experiences are different but are also similar. I visited Doha two weeks (will post about it tomorrow) and I loved reliving my trip through this post!


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