Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for a LIEBSTER AWARD…

So one of my new friends, Nancy, nominated me for an award for which I am honored to receive.  Here is a copy of her message.

“Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for a LIEBSTER AWARD because I think your blog is awesome! This is a blogging challenge and honor, should you choose to accept!”

Since I have accepted the challenge, below are the questions she sent me and my answers.

  • If you could give someone $1,000,000, who would you give it to and why?

This may seem selfish but, If I had $1,000,000.00, I would give it to my husband.  He has so many great ideas but without the funding it is very difficult to bring these ideas into fruition.  I know he would use the money to start his business for single fathers.  One of the ideas he has is that he would open a facility where fathers could have a place to visit with their children during their parenting time.  They could cook for their kids, and stay overnight in a safe, fun environment.  They could also receive legal assistance by giving back.

  • If you won an exotic, all expense paid trip, who would you bring with you?

I would take my husband, of course.  I know we would have a great time because we like to do the same things.  

  • What are the top 3 most beautiful places you have ever visited?

The 3 most beautiful places I have visited were Maui, specifically Haleakala, St. Maarten and Massanutten VA.

  • What tip would you give someone who is just starting their blog?

If you are starting a blog and you want people to believe you, be honest and keep it real.  It doesn’t all have to be so serious; have fun with it and be yourself.  It’s your blog so write whatever you want, but know that if it’s public, people will read it, so be selective in what business you choose to share.

  • If travel were something everyone did as a rite of passage growing up, where would you recommend they go? (one country only please)

I believe that it is important to study history so that mistakes are not repeated and to appreciate the beginnings. With that in mind, if travel was a rite of passage, everyone should have to track their roots and go to the beginning of their ancestry.  Wherever it started, that is where they should go.

  • What is your favorite dish?

I love seafood.  Anything with Lobster is my favorite.

  • Have you ever hesitated posting something on your blog, but did it anyway?  What was it? Link it here:

Recently I hesitated posting a response to my husband’s ex-wife on my blog but did it anyway.  At first, and at times still, I believe it was done in poor choice but I really needed her to know that I am aware that she is reading my blog and trying to use it against him in court.  I may still decide to delete it later but for now- it remains.

  • If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be? What would you do there?

As much as I love Hawaii and Jamaica, I don’t think I have yet visited the place I would like to settle in for good.  In the meantime, I’m moving to Qatar for the next two years to teach Kindergarten.  I would also like to teach in South Africa and China and visit Australia, Switzerland and Italy, on my quest to find my forever home.

  • What is your favorite non-blog website?  Post a Link!

The website I love and hate all at the same time is Facebook.

I think facebook has the potential to be very dangerous but it has also brought people closer.  In the past year, I have joined several facebook groups and the members have inspired me and provided me with insightful tips.  One such group is ForBlackWomenTravelGroup.  It is a group where many women share their experiences in traveling.

  • When you’re in trouble, who do you call?

When I am in trouble, I call my husband because I know no matter what he will come.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself enjoying home and vacation as one.  I see my husband and I running our own restaurant on an Island.   I see our kids coming to visit.  I see myself living stress-free and happy. 

A Pledge to My Readers

I promise to not sugar coat what life is REALLY like for an Expat living in Qatar!

My son is sick with the flu and the medical state of this country pissed me off.  My husband carries our medical insurance and pays the premiums.  Every two weeks they directly leave his gross wages before he gets paid, like most working Americans.  The coverage is Federal Blue Cross and you would think it would be the best because of that “F” word, Federal.  Well I don’t understand how an office visit to have my son’s nose and mouth swabbed could cost me a $30 copay, just to be told what I already knew.  Then a prescription for 10 pills cost me a $50 copay.  And if you are like me, you’ve probably asked this insane question, “Then what the F%^& do we pay for every two weeks?”  Don’t get me wrong, I know many Americans and people living in other countries, pay way more for way less, or can’t afford to pay for medical at all, or are in a part of the world where they don’t have access to good medical treatment, but this is AMERICA for God’s sake.  My point in including this in my blog is, I hope that the medical coverage in Qatar is better than it is here in America.  As soon as I find out, I will let you know.  With that being said I have decided to make a pledge to my readers….

A Pledge to My Readers

I promise to always be honest

I promise to not sugar coat what life is REALLY like for an Expat living in Qatar

I promise that despite how anxious I am about moving abroad I will always keep it real

I promise to blog at least once a month

I promise to include the pictures I am allowed

I promise that if I don’t like it there I will admit it

I promise that if I love it there I will admit it

I promise to share the good and the bad

I promise that one of these promises I will probably have to break

I promise not to get over there and forget why I am there

I promise not to get over there and forget who I am

I promise to keep an open mind and remember that Qatar is not America

I promise not to forget that I am a visitor to their country

I promise to try it for at least a year (as long as we are safe)

I promise not to forget that I am an African American Woman

I promise to return home at some point to visit

I promise that I probably forgot something and will add it later



Person of the Month

The beautiful lady in the blue beads and no makeup is me.  But this other beautiful woman in the wine blouse is Ericka, my sister, my best friend, my heart.  She is my ‘Person of the Month’!  You see, we haven’t always been besties.  In fact she hated me, for years, because I’m cuter.  lol.  No, that wasn’t the real reason.  She was the oldest and I was the baby and apparently I was spoiled, although I don’t believe that.  We are 9 years apart so while growing up she was far ahead of me.  Then religion separated us and she didn’t talk to me for years.  She was married and deep in the religion while I was rebellious.

Her first marriage ended tragically.  Her second husband was abusive, and she was kept isolated.  Eventually she broke free from that marriage and who was there for her?  Me! And we’ve been inseparable ever since.  Although she didn’t speak to me, or come to my first wedding, or see my eldest son’s birth, she is still my family.  And I will always be there for my immediate family, no matter what.

One of the reason that I love her so much is because of the type of person she is.  She is the type to live vicariously through other peoples happiness without envy or jeolousy.   Whenever I have good news, or something that I am excited about, I can’t wait to tell her because I know she will be happy for me.  Then she will say, “When are we going to get a drink to celebrate?”  For example, when I was offered the job overseas, she was sad, but she saw the brighter side of the adventure and how it could benefit her as a place she could now come to visit.

By the way, she is single now.  I live single life through her, and she lives married life through me.  We call each other with stories from each life, so we both benefit from each.

She has taught me not to take everything so seriously, especially when it comes to the kids, because everything isn’t the end of the world.

I hope she finds “that guy” one day, who will provide for her, protect her and profess his love for her, like she deserves.  I also hope he can cook, because she can’t.  lol.

I love you Big Sis with all my heart!


Happy May 1st!

That means we have about 100 days ’til our new life begins in Qatar.

Darryl, “It’s May 1st, did you know that?”

Me, “Happy May 1st!”


Me, “Wait, May 1st!  Oh my God, that means…”

That means we have about 100 days ’til our new life begins in Qatar.  It also means I’ve let an entire month go by without acknowledging my person of the month of April.  It also means, time is really flying.  I can’t believe it’s May 1st.

There is so much I want to blog about, but I’ve truly been so busy, I haven’t realized how much time has passed since I signed my contract.

Wednesday was my last day teaching a class in North America.  Two years ago, I was teaching 1st grade.  Here is a picture from my class.


A year ago I was teaching 5th grade.  Here is a picture of of us on a field trip.


This year, I taught college students.  Each time I got a new class, I forgot to take a picture with them.  Well, not this last class.  I was happy that most of the young ladies I taught in my first class, were also the same ones I taught in my last class, different subject of course. They really are full of personality and they were a great group of woman.  I hope they stick with their studies and go on to pursue higher degrees in education.  I walked into what was our last class, to a bouquet of fruit flowers and a balloon, that said, “We will miss you.” I got all teary eyed. They also gifted me with two visa gift cards and two greeting cards.  I will miss them too.  Here are some pictures of us.