Winter in Philly

This weekend it snowed, a lot, almost 2 feet here in Philly.  While my oldest son trekked to my sisters house to be with my nephew, my youngest son, dog, husband and I went out to play in the snow.  I made snow angels for my sister because she always makes them when it snows. We had a brief snowball fight.  I leaped off of the porch into the deep snow and needed help getting up because I kept sinking.  We laughed as Zoey, the dog, shivered but refused to go in the house without us.  I mention all of this because it may be a long time before I enjoy snow again.  It doesn’t snow in the Middle East and rarely even rains.  I complain about the winters here but the truth is, I don’t know what it will be like without cold, snowy winters because it’s all I know.  This is one of the reasons why I want to move overseas.  I have never lived anywhere else but Philadelphia.  I must admit, I will miss the rain.  I love the rain.  The smell of it gets me all excited.  The sound of the thunder and the vision of lightening helps me sleep.  The sound of raindrops hitting the roof is like a lullaby.  I often complain about the cold and snow but not this winter.  I embrace it and soak it up.


I booked my room in New York for my Kuwait interview and my room in Atlanta for my Qatar interview.  Still no word on a venue for the Abu Dhabi interview.  It is a week a way. I hope the hotel will still have rooms available when I finally find out. My paperwork is all ready for all three interviews, with the exception of my written reference letter, and my authenticated paperwork.  Schools were closed today due to the snow, so I will pick up my reference letter from the school I used to work at once they open back up, hopefully tomorrow. I don’t plan on sending my paperwork off for authentication until after I receive an offer of employment.  The authentication process is costly and between the trips and overnight stays in New York and Atlanta, my funds are being spent all over the place.

Author: phillygirl77

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia. Daughter of a teacher, I later became one myself. When I heard about teaching overseas, I jumped feet first. Finally told yes, my two boys and I prepared for our new life abroad. Join us on our journey in Qatar!

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