Well, alot has been occurring since my last post.

  1. I was invited to interview face to face for Kuwait.
  2. I was invited to interview face to face for Qatar

I got the news 3 days ago for both.  Needless to say, I am pretty excited and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  My interview for Kuwait will take place in New York on Feb 5, 2016.  My interview for Qatar will take place in Atlanta on Feb 8, 2016.  My interview for Abu Dhabi will take place on Feb 2 in New York.  I don’t have a venue location for the Abu Dhabi interview yet but I do have the hotel names for the other two.

My husband will travel to NY with me for the Abu Dhabi interview.  We will stay 1 or 2 nights together then come home.  I will then travel back to NY on my own, probably, for one night for the Kuwait interview.  As for Atlanta, well my sisters and I have decided to make a road trip out of it.  We will make the 12 hour drive journey to Atlanta and stay a few days.  We are contemplating flying down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras the day after the interview, then flying back to Atlanta and driving back home.  I don’t know if that will happen or not but the road trip is happening for sure. This will be our 3rd road trip.

These dates are quickly approaching and I have so much to do and so much in my regular life that is going on as well.  A new semester at my college started today.  This semester I am teaching Math Methods for Pre-K-4.  I have to plan for these classes and not neglect my regular Literacy Coaching job and taking care of my family.  At the same time, I have to prepare for interviews and book rooms and make sure my car is serviced for the journeys.  I have to ensure all my paperwork is ready and have hard and digital copies for all three interviews on USB’s. I had to request verification of employment dates from my past teaching employer and verification that my Master’s class courses were taken in person and not online and a paper reference from my past principal. And if you know anything about requesting things from other people, they do it at their own pace.

It feels like just yesterday I was stressing over waiting, now I’m just stressing…

Author: phillygirl77

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia. Daughter of a teacher, I later became one myself. When I heard about teaching overseas, I jumped feet first. Finally told yes, my two boys and I prepared for our new life abroad. Join us on our journey in Qatar!

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