Paperwork, Paperwork and more Paperwork

Today I received an email from my Teach Away Rep for Abu Dhabi. Her email was a ‘checking on me’ email, to ensure that I was getting my paperwork together and to see if I had any questions.  I emailed her my documents so that she could inform me of any needed changes.  I know three years ago when I first started this blog, I listed the necessary documents but here they are again…

Passport picture copy (scanned, saved on USB and sent to TA)

Highest Degree (scanned, saved on USB and sent to TA) *

Teaching Cert (same) *

Resume (same)

FBI clearance (same)

Record of Employment

Reference Letters

4 passport style photos (same + hard copies needed for interview)

Medical History Questionnaire (form from TA, completed and signed in ink, scanned and saved on USB and sent to TA)

Introductory Statement (also send from TA)

If bringing a Spouse: Marriage Cert.*

If divorce and remarried: Divorce Degree too *

If bringing a family: Birth Certificates*, Letter from Father allowing you to sponsor your own children (notarized)

All the documents listed with a (*) need to be authenticated.  That is a whole nother conversation.  I will do that later depending on if I am offered a position.  (Costly)

So that is where I am.  Gathering documents, reading blogs, completing my TEFL cert courses, preparing for the interview (mentally and writing questions and answers), researching and reading many testimonials about teaching overseas and of course WAITING…



Author: phillygirl77

I've lived my whole life in Philadelphia. Daughter of a teacher, I later became one myself. When I heard about teaching overseas, I jumped feet first. Finally told yes, my two boys and I prepared for our new life abroad. Join us on our journey in Qatar!

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