And that is why it’s good to have options

My mother always said never put all your eggs  in the same basket.

I didn’t have to wait long to get the dreaded but not surprising news from ADEC. I was not offered a position with Abu Dhabi.  And although it was my original destination of choice it would seem that it was not in the cards for me to go there right now.  I knew I did not do well on my interview and I can’t turn back the hands of time so I’ve accepted that it was not meant to be. I guess I could be bitter with the way that interview day went but it won’t change the outcome.

And then there were one…

That is why it is always good to have options. I received an email from the representatives for Kuwait and my application is still being reviewed. However my friend also received an email about Kuwait and she was not selected. So fingers crossed; I should be hearing an answer soon!

The Kuwait City interview

Today is a brand new day and I’m leaving the horrible memory of my ADEC interview behind. My interview for Kuwait City is today and I am more determined than ever to rock this interview. That’s why options are important so that when you fail at one you have a back up. My interview is at 11:30am. I arrive at the Doubletree on Broadway a little after 11:00am. I wait for about 10minutes before I am allowed to go upstairs to the room to meet with the agency rep. The rep and I have had a few email conversations so it is nice to finally meet her face to face. She’s young, pretty and Irish. She’s also very pleasant. I tell her about yesterday’s horror and she’s very sympathetic. She gives me few tips and takes me to the room where the hiring rep for KCC is. The atmosphere is less stressful. Less waiting is always less stressful. I interview with with one person and I’m me the whole time. It would have been better to have pictures of my classroom to show. I found a few on my Ipad and showed them. I also show pictures of my students writing samples and progression. I think she’s impressed. I know I did well and I only have to wait 2 weeks to hear yes or no. I was allowed to ask questions and wasn’t rush unlike the day before.

I noticed that the questions on both interviews were more grade specific than anticipated. I expected the questions to be more generalized.

Different questions asked at this interview:

What sort of technology have you used in class?

Have you ever used a smart board? (I have not but I’m a quick learner)

I felt so much more ready for this interview mostly because I was ready for the questions this time.

I’m thinking working in Kuwait would probably be better for me and my family: more benefits, accommodations fully furnished and near the sea, shipping allowance, relocation allowance, paid tuition for both my sons, utilities covered by the school, American curriculum with all American staff, transportation to and from the job.


Yesterday I received an email saying my application was still under review with KCC and I would hear something within 2 weeks. Unfortunately my coworker met a different fate. She received an email stating she was not selected. It is weird how these things happen. She thought she’d done really good and so did I. So you know what I will be doing…………………WAITING!


The Abu Dhabi interview

After 6.5 hours of waiting I finally had my interview. I did not do well. I think I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I could not even explain how I teach letters. I have interviewed enough people in my job as an Academy Director to know that when an interviewer asks you the same question several times its because you are not answering it correctly.  Secondly I was sent possible interview questions and I rehearsed the answers but they didn’t ask those questions. Lastly when I left I could of sworn I heard the interviewers laughing. Of course I assumed they were laughing at me. Once I got back to the friends aunts apartment in Brooklyn, I was hungry and depressed. I called my family and talked to them before i laid down but I couldn’t sleep because the right answers haunted me all night long. Failure is a terrible feeling for which I’ve only felt a few times in my adult life.  Once when I tried to get a job as a border patrol I passed all the interviews and the physical but because I was honest about something I once did I didn’t get  the job and I was devastated. Just like I was the night of the interview. But I knew I had to snap out of it because I had my Kuwait City interview the next day. Here is a list of the interview questions I can recall being asked for Abu Dhabi:

What are the ages of the Kindergartens you teach? (Btw Abu Dhabis Kindergarteners start at age 3)

What does three years writing look like?

How would you get their drawings to turn into writing?

How do you manage behaviors?

What do you think will be one of your hardest challenges coming to AD?

How would you show parents their children’s work?

What would we hear and see in your classroom?

What reading curriculum do you follow?

The set up of the interview was: in a hotel room, in front of two ADEC reps, sitting in the lobby waiting for your turn, no food, no cushion seats, but you do meet interesting people from all over who want to teach in another country just like you.

So even though I feel like my chance to teach in AD is over I felt it important to mention that they say I won’t hear anything til some time in April after all other interviews across the U.S and Canada have concluded and then all the info is taken back to AD. And so the waiting continues………….